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DJ Envy & His Wife Clear The Air About Their Stance On Tyrese

DJ Envy, Gia Casey & Tyrese

Photo: Getty Images

DJ Envy has finally explained why he told Tyrese that he wanted to "box his mouth" during their recent conversation.

On Tuesday, September 12, The Breakfast Club host responded to the R&B singer's claims that he's "a liar" after they seemed to make peace last week. Tyrese told his near 18 million Instagram followers that Envy was lying about blocking his phone number. He also showed a group text with him, Envy and the host's wife Gia Casey from August 2022. During the show this morning, Envy called out Tyrese and explained why the couple distanced themselves from Tyrese.

"What he actually did was," Envy explained. "When [Gia and Tyrese] were talking, he was one of those dudes, and we all know that guy who tries to plant those seeds...'if you had a man like me, it wouldn't have went down like that. I would have never...' and I never said anything and I'm going to tell you why I never said anything. I never said anything because yes Tyrese was there and he did help save my marriage. I was like, 'I don't want to ish on that' so I kept it quiet and I just stepped away from him."

He continued to explain that never told anybody about the comments Tyrese, but received a text message in July 2022 from someone who claimed to be a former member of Tyrese's team. The man told Envy that Tyrese allegedly "tried to destroy my marriage and career, he will do the same to y'all." As if that wasn't enough, Envy also called his wife and had her share the gist of what Tyrese said. She explained that she and Tyrese were cool at one point but she stopped talking to him because he made her feel "inappropriate and uncomfortable."

Check out her explanation below.