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Breakfast Club Addresses Angela Yee's Comments From The 'Tamron Hall Show'

The Breakfast Club

Photo: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

The Breakfast Club is responding to the claims Angela Yee made about her experience on the show.

On Monday, March 6, DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and guest host Porsha Williams gave their opinion on Yee's thoughts about being "the lone woman" during her tenure on the show. After they replayed the comments Yee made on The Tamron Hall Show, Envy immediately called cap on any allegations insinuating that there were no women involved with the show. Envy also shared that he and Yee were able to talk about why the comments upset him.

"CAP!" Envy shouted. "What she said wasn't true," Envy said. "I can't tell her how she can feel about being on this show because on the show she's correct it's me, Charlamagne and herself so yea she was the only woman in the room when it came to producers there are so many different women that worked up here and that continue to work up here so I didn't like the way they that they put that The Breakfast Club doesn't have women here or doesn't respect women's views because that's not true."

During the interview, Yee asserted that she was "only woman who worked there" even "when it came to producers, camera people." She also said that it "wasn’t an easy room for me to be in." She did take to Twitter to give a rare explanation about the the situation. Nonetheless, Envy said he and Yee were able to talk things out.

"I did speak to Yee last night," he continued. "Me and Yee got on the phone last night and she understood what I was saying when she said that she meant in the room meaning people that actually worked in the room but that's not what that clip said and that's now how it went out an that's what I was upset about."

Surprisingly enough, Charlamagne was left speechless. During her show, the host of Way Up With Angela Yee explained her shock over the uproar that erupted from the interview.

“Maybe it was the way that I said it, I’m not sure," Yee said. "I guess people were interpreting it to mean that I meant that there were no women working on the show, and that was not my intention. ‘Cause that’s simply not true. I was talking about in that studio, in that room. Even Sydney will tell you I’d walk out that room and be like, ‘I can’t be in here for now.’ And I would even say when I leave the show, I don’t even wanna talk to any guys."

Watch both responses below.