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Cara Sabin & Chantel Powell Talks Business Grants, Natural Deodorant + More

Friends to the show Cara Sabin and Chantel Powell joinThe Breakfast Club to discuss grants and how that correlates to Black Hair products. Cara Sabin is the CEO of Shea Moisture which is hair care line made specifically of various types of curly mane. Since 1991 the company was founded and Shea Moisture has had much success from a mom-and-pop shop to currently being on the shelves of the biggest companies i.e Target, Walmart, Walgreens and many more internationally.

During the pandemic, Cara identified a need of many black business owners, they had a lack of capital. As we remember, 2020 was a difficult time for any business owner. Tragedy struck the CEO of Play Pits deodorant, Chantel Powell, when her showroom inventory was taken away by fire. She turned her tragedy into a triumph when she partnered with Shea Moistures “Impact Report” that helped her recover from an unforeseeable expense with grants and knowledge of how to navigate situations.

These women share their stories and provided gems for small business owners to heed! Tap into the full interview above and check out more about how to apply for their grant. Click Here !

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