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DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God And Jess Hilarious - The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show!Full Bio


Chico Bean Roasts DJ Envy, Talks New Special, New Movie, Love Life + More!

Our friend Chico Bean was in the  building and did not let up on DJ Envy and Charlamagne! Chico Bean has so many jobs as a co-host of  “ The 85 South” podcast, comedian, actor, writer, rapper, producer and many more! We get to know more about this DC native from his origin story, his perspective on cancel culture, his comedy special “Headlining with No Hairline”, new role in the film “The Dirty 3rd The Next Generation” and so much more! 

You know it’s never a dull moment with Chico! Check out the full interview above!

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