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Kim Fields Talks Iconic Roles, The Upshaws, RHOA, Living Single + More

On Thursday, June 30th, actress, director, and producer Kim Fields appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss her newest roll on “The Upshaws” on Netflix, her exit from Real Housewives of Atlanta, and much more. Kim’s resume speaks for itself! From her role on the hit show “Living Single”, “You Light Up My Christmas”, and may others, its no surprise that “The Upshaws” were renewed for season 2. 

The origin story of “The Upshaws” began with Kim on a press tour for another film and she was requested to do a chemistry meeting with Mike Epps and Wanda Sykes. Later that day she was offered the role on the spot! For Kim, being on “The Upshaws” is a surreal experience as she had no idea the impact it would have on the culture. Understanding her lane in the show allows each character complement on another very well!

As Fields continues to shake the culture, the thoughts of a “Living Single” reboot are what the streets are asking for, i.e Dj Evny! “[Y]ou know we just love how everyone loves “Living Single” and again, talk about impact, the show has made and continues to make. We don't want to taint that by throwing a reboot together with the idea of a reunion show. Thank God, everybody is busy, so you know there's no plans for one in the immediate future but you know one never knows….. these characters really mean something to everyone and so if you get a wrong they gonna be mad!”- Kim Fields 

Kim earned her peach on the Housewives of Atlanta that was very short lived. According to Kim it was all a part of the plan, and it was only supposed to be a moment. The goal for her joining RHOA was to do something she has never done before in celebration to her 40 years in the business. That opportunity led her to “Dancing with The Stars”. Ultimately, the unscripted film space wasn’t appealing for her lifestyle.

Kim’s career began as early as 7 years old, she’s still grinding and hustling! Kim’s words of wisdom for fellow actors/ actresses is to “Manage your expectations… make the goal something other than booking the gig because that's actually not in your control… don't make the goal something pressurized…because that pressure will then mess you up and you won't be able to be at your best!”. For more Kim Fields gems check out the full interview here