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Woman's Prank At Sister's Wedding Epically Backfires

Donkey Of the Day for Tuesday, May 31st goes out to a Woman whose name has not been revealed but plays wayyyyyy too much. Today's Donkey of the day lesson is we all need to learn how to read the room.

Now your good Uncle Charla was reading this morning that the most awkward thing you could do at a wedding would be to make an objection at a wedding. Posting on Reddit asking if she was an "a-hole", her sister got engaged 2 years ago, and at the wedding when the priest asked if there were any objections she said she objects because "the couple is too cute for each other", thinking the joke would get a ton of laughs but didn't get 1.

She had the audacity to tell her sister the prank wasn't that big of deal... SMH READ THE ROOM

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