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Florida Woman Makes A McMess After Receiving Wrong Happy Meal Order

Donkey of The Day for Tuesday, May 24th goes out to not surprisingly another Florida Women, Tianis Jones after making a McMess after receiving the wrong Happy Meal order.

Now Tianis is indeed 22 years old, however, we can't judge someone ordering a happy meal off of their age, to each their own and maybe she was buying it for someone else. Now, remember here how Florida people handle addressing mistakes are unlike anyone else in the world, she appeared at the Mcdonalds she made a mcmess, getting extremly mcmad, calling 911 complaining about how she's pregnant and the Mcdonalds was trying to steal her money. Making a mess in the restaurant to the point where even her family members were trying to get her to calm down.

As your good Uncle Charlamagne says the craziest people come from the Bronx and all of Florida.

See the full video above.