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Russ Speaks On Penmanship, Unnecessary Co-Signs, Industry Validation

Dropping off his new album "Chomp 2" last week this morning on The Breakfast Club were joined by the one and only Russ! The rapper whose new album features the likes of Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah, Jay Electronica + more spoke about industry validation, his penmanship, the power that comes with being an independent artist + more!

Russ himself has always been a champion for independent artists in the game not hiding his feelings towards the way the music industry works even going as far as to drop his album on a Wednesday when we're all used to new music normally dropping on a Friday. Speaking a bit to this Russ explained that he recently had an epiphany and refuses to play the music industries game.

"No that's why I put it out on a Wednesday because I refuse to play yall's game, I had this epiphany with myself, if I'm independent act like it, if I'm independent why would I do what major label artists doing, why would I play on Fridays that's when yall play, I don't want to play with yall. I think I was still one foot in, one foot out, I'm indie but I still want to play the game, and one day I woke up and was like dog why would I play the game I denounce, I can play my own game. It came from frustration and I think a very low vibration is confusing, I was angry which caused confusion and I was like what am I angry about, not getting the recognition, why doesn't the industry F--- with me, dog the industry doesn't f--- with you because you don't f--- with the industry, I can't expect the industry to champion me when my narrative is a direct threat to the industry itself"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Russ on iHeartRadio below..