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Charlamagne Gives Donkey Of The Day To The Men Who Killed Young Dolph

Donkey Of The Day For Thursday, November 18th goes out to the men who killed rapper Young Dolph.

Young Dolph yesterday was tragically shot and killed in Memphis inside of a cookie store that he would frequently visit. While police have continued to search for suspects they have released video footage of the gunmen, which showed two gunmen with heavy artillery armed shooting at the rapper.

After all that has happened today's Donkey is only right to be given to the men who took this young man's life. In a DOTD that everyone should listen to Charlamagne explains the wider problem with everything that has happened these past 24 hours and how people will envy you not just because of what you have but because of how people love you.

"What you saw yesterday was a society problem, this is what happens when people have nothing better to do, when propper investments aren't made in certain communities, we can go on and on about how the root causes of crime are inequality, the lack of support to families in neighborhoods, we act like violent crime is a complex issue, it's not, lack of education, generation poverty, boom 9-times out of 10 your going to find someone who has zero self-worth when they come from those conditions and if I lack self-worth and love for myself what I care about you for, you out here shining driving around in your fancy cars, people out here will kill you not because their envious or jealous, but because of the way other people love you"

Check out the full Donkey of The Day above.