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The Breakfast Club

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Wale Talks Relationships, Sneaker Culture, HBCUs, New Album ‘Folarin 2’

After dropping ‘Folarin 2’ we had our good friend Wale stop by The Breakfast Club this morning to talk relationships, sneaker culture, HBCUs, new album ‘Folarin 2’ + more!

Joining the show today Charlamagne asked Wale about his legacy in the game and if he appreciates where he is in the game because people feel like Wale compares himself to others a lot, in response the rapper explained why he's always been grateful for where he's at and why it's unfortunate that some people still follow certain narratives about him.

"How you gauge what you're worth you gotta go look at whatever and whats going on, to answer your question I never felt like I was ungrateful I knew where I was at, I knew where my talent level it, and I've let a lot of that go, I cant make certain people like me, Its unfortunate certain people are still harping on certain narratives, I've done all I can do, I've come up with every reason, just gotta let it be what it is, sell out your tour and have fun"

With his new project "Folarin 2" the rapper explained to The Breakfast Club that he's back to saying everything with his chest and this time around while the sound may be different he's capturing the essence of what he created with the first "Folarin" mixtape.

"Say everything with my chest, wow that's crazy I was just really vulnerable and at the end of vulnerability is a light and Folarin 2 is my light, Folarin 2 is my light I'm talking and speaking that s--- with my chest, I ain't really conform to nothing I brought it back to how from an artist perspective the mentality I had for my original Folarin mixtape."

Watch the full interview above.