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‘Teacher of the Year’ Arrested for Child Abuse Days After Receiving Award

Donkey Of The Day for Tuesday, November 2nd goes out to a Florida English teacher at Darnell Cookman High School in Jacksonville Florida after being arrested for child abuse days after being named teacher of the year.

Now remember your uncle Charlamagne always tells you the craziest people come from the Bronx and all of Florida. The teacher Caroline Yee, had apparently wanted to talk to the victim asking her why she threatened her on social media and while the student said she never did such a thing the teacher hit her across the table, continuing to hit her even after her nose started bleeding. All over an argument over the story "Of Mice and Men" and the use of the N-word in the story.

Caroline has been removed from the classroom and will not return.

Please give MS. Carolina Yee the biggest Donkey Of The Day.