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#MentalWealthExpo: Racial Trauma & Mental Health Panel

this past weekend our first ever Mental Wealth Expo went down at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. A day full of mental health education and healing one of the featured live panels including Racial Trauma & Mental Health Panel featuring Shanti Das, Andrea Brown, David Johns + Doug Reed!

One of the conversations brought up in this panel surrounded trauma and how it stems from things that we see every day in our lives so often to the point where we become not only numb to it but also accepting of the wrongness of what is happening.

"Trauma is those triggers that consistently remind us of what we been through, even going back to the George Floyd incident, it was more than a black issue that everybody witnessed it was a human issue. So when I think of Trauma I think of all those triggers that happen with that little boy, or that man, of what we've been through that has been repeated in our communities that we become desensitized to what's going on and I think they call that chronic trauma so when things happen we become and ignore our own pain even though things are happening the way they are, we ignore it, its almost like we're accepting it, but times are changing, we are removing the stigma around it and times are changing"

Check out the full panel above!