Ohio Man Sues Wife After Tripping Over Her Shoes, Judge Rules Against It

Donkey Of The Day for Tuesday, October 5th goes to a married couple John Walworth & Judy Khoury. Today's Donkey is a weird one that will make you wonder why people are the way they are and why they would treat their significant other so outrageously. John had fallen down the stairs after tripping over his then fiance's shoes.

Now a rational person would look at this situation as an honest mistake, however John took it upon himself to not only get married but also try and sue his wife for the medical bills he had to pay because he tripped over HER shoes!

He claimed he didn't see the shoes because he was carrying something that his fiance had asked him to carry so it was her fault in the end, however the 3 judge panel ruled that he could not sue his wife.

Yes, they are still married to this day.

Please give this man the biggest Donkey of The Day.

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