Lil Nas X On Trolling The Industry, Originality, Nicki Minaj Fandom

With his debut album "Montero" dropping at Midnight we were joined on The Breakfast Club this morning by the man himself Lil Nas X.

Having the best week of his life about to give birth to his new album and fresh off of winning "Video Of The Year" at the VMAs for "Montero" the pop star spoke about being a barb, not being responsible for parenting your kids, his originality and of course the new album.

With his music videos and live performances gaining a ton of attention from users online due to their provocative nature, he addressed that it's not his responsibility to control what other people's kids are watching on television and online, he also doesn't apologize for being himself.

"I feel like I used to but now it's like so, fuck yo kids, not fuck yo kids, but it's like we really get one chance to do this I don't know what happens when we die, so it's like I'm not going to pander to your kids or you, or anybody I even have to do this with my family because they may not agree with what I'm doing, or who I'm dating may not agree but I'm really doing it like this is our life so fuck what anyone has to say about it"

For a while now the internet had known that Lil Nas X's Twitter account was formerly a Nicki Minaj stan account. Without a single hesitation on the show this morning he said he definitely had attacked one of the Breakfast Club at some point on Twitter.

"Absolutely, I'm still a barb I feel like its a cult once you're in you can't get out, I think I've attacked you guys a couple of times, now I wanted to get my actual name out there but people think it's still a fictional name I made up"

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