Speedy Morman Talks Purpose, HBO's Streetwear Competition Show 'The Hype'

This morning on The Breakfast Club we were joined by Speedy Morman who's new show "The Hype" on HBO Max is streaming now! The young talent who has sat down with everyone from artists, to athletes to former presidents stopped by the show this morning to talk about his new show as well as the grind it took to get here and finding his purpose.

One of the stories he told on the show this morning that stood out the most was about his interview with Kobe Bryant. Reflecting on the moment he expressed that there aren't many times where he gets emotional during interviews but sitting down with Kobe who he looked up to his whole life he explained mid-interview he froze while the legend was talking and just couldn't believe he was actually there interviewing Kobe.

"I have some people get emotional, I sat down with Allen Iverson in Virginia at this boys and girls club, he got emotional especially afterward, there have been times that I have been emotional and overwhelmed just being honored to be somewhere, the one I felt the most with was with Kobe Bryant, I was honored to get a chance to sit down with him, I couldn't believe it, you grow up with people on posters you see them on your wall you don't see them in the flesh just on this paper, just to sit across from him in real life, mid-interview he's talking to me his mouth is moving but I don't hear anything he's saying, I can't believe it and then I snapped and I was back interviewing him"

Check out the full Interview above!