Anita Kopacz On New Novel 'Shallow Waters', Black Ancestry, Healing + More!

Today on The Breakfast Club we were joined by Anita Kopacz who's new book "Shallow Waters" is the second book to be published under Charlamagne Tha God's "Black Privilege" publishing company!

When it came to the creation of her new book, Anita Kopacz explained that the intention came from her children and the feeling of wanting them to know who they really are. After that the story took on a life of its own and even captivated audiences beyond who she ever imagined would read her story.

"My divine motivation was that because I have children and they need to know who they really are, and ritual storytelling for me is one of the most effective ways of learning, no one is saying oh you have to do this, you have to remember who you are, it's art and everyone is going to take out of it what they take out of it, my intention was to heal black woman and what has been a very interesting side thing out of it is white men and white woman have said we never got to see a story where we get to see ourselves as allies and there are some strong ally characters in here"

"Shallow Waters" is out everywhere now and can be found anywhere where you get your books!

"Shallow Waters imagines Yemaya, an Orïsha—a deity in the religion of Africa’s Yoruba people—cast into mid-1800s America. We meet Yemaya as a young woman, still in the care of her mother and not yet fully aware of the spectacular power she possesses to protect herself and those she holds dear." - Amazon Books

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