Earn Your Leisure On Investment Education, Stock Tips and “Invest Fest”

This morning on The Breakfast Club we were joined by the guys from the "Earn Your Leisure" podcast!

The two guys are currently gearing up for their own festival "Invest Fest" which is set to go down at the end of August. The idea behind the festival is that they had looked at the current festival space which includes the likes of Coachella, Governors Ball, Rolling Loud ETC and realized that there aren't any types of gatherings like this for finance. So Invest Fest is going to combine everything that you love about the podcast along with culture, finance + more!

Before leaving the guys dropped some major stock and crypto knowledge on the show expressing that when it comes to cryptocurrency it's always a good sign when a major company is backing one.

"It's interesting that you say Crypto, ive been on crypto since 2017, holding it through the good and bad times, I have Etherium, Bitcoin of course, I also have XRP which has a little controversy because it was under investigation by the FCC so everybody isn't a big fan of XRP, Cardano is another one, Stella is backed by IBN so whenever you see these major corporations you know that's a good sign"

Check out the full interview above.