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Head Of Instagram Adam Mosseri On Combatting Hate Speech, Bots, Racism

Today on The Breakfast Club we had the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri on the show to talk about everything about the social platform from racism, to algorithms myths to getting Boosie his Instagram account back.

One of the major focal points that users are always talking about on Instagram is of course the algorithm. Whether it's wanting to grow your following for your own personal use or build up a business account, how can we best utilize the platform to grow? The answer to that from Adam is that there is no real answer, Instagram works In different ways for different people and it all depends on how you are using it.

"There's the unfortunate truth that there is no perfect answer and its the million-dollar question, there are a couple of things id say, one is it's important to whether you using Instagram or any other social media platform be intentional about what you're using it for, are you using it to support a cause you care about, are you using it as a business directly, these are different things and you are using Instagram in different ways, the other thing to be honest about is every audience is different, what works best for your followers may not work best for my followers"

When it comes to censorship on Instagram, we've all at some point dealt with a post or story being taken down that shouldn't have, as well as seeing others post things that should be taken down immediately, none the less Adam acknowledged that they have made some mistakes on both ends and are getting better every day at dealing with what is allowed and not allowed to be shown on Instagram.

"We definitely make mistakes, we also take a lot of flack for letting people say a lot of crap we don't agree with, in general, we're going to try to let people say what they want on the platform and we're going to try to take content down when there is a safety risk, such as hate speech, violent content or nudity. That being said we make mistakes, sometimes we don't take things down that we should take down, sometimes we take things down that we shouldn't, we're getting better over time"

Check out the full interview above!