EARTHGANG Speaks On Atlanta Collectivity, Spillage Village, New Music

This morning on The Breakfast Club we had Earthgang on the show! The Dreamville rappers who recently dropped their "Spilligion" collab project stopped by to talk about their upcoming album, being compared to Outkast, getting kicked out of Hampton, and launching their rap careers shortly after + more!

Online there has been a lot of comparisons of Earthgang to Outkast, obviously aside from the Atlanta connection man fans online say that Earthgang is like Oukast just with two Andre 3000s. When asked about the comparison and how they feel about it, the rappers expressed that its dope to be compared to artists they grew up with but wanted to also express that Big Boi was just as big of a part of Outkast as Andre.

"It's a compliment because being compared to Outkast is fire, being compared to Kobe is fire, being compared to Mike is fire, being compared to GOAT is fire. It's an insult because just like Andre Matters, Big Boi matters, you know how Big Boi would come in on it. A lot of records he was that anchor to spread his wings to do what he wanted to do and vice versa, it's just disrespectful to not pay respects to both people. We met them a few times, Big had us come to the studio and pulled a real OG move we respected it. We met Andre years ago at SOBs show."

When it comes to the Atlanta rap scene there are always new sounds, artists, and movements that are constantly popping off in the mainstream media. When it comes to Earthgang the duos main goal is to create and have a fully focused and complete sound while also paying homage to those who came before them out of the city such as Organized Noize, Gucci Mane, Future + more.

"Atlanta moves fast bro, every time something new hits it's already old to us, I think what did was just focus on making music in its entirety and making a complete sound, even with the Spillage Village project its an organic sound, and even with this next album, you can feel the Organized Noize influences and even the Gucci & Future influences."

Check out the full interview above and listen EarthGang on iHeartRadio below...