Hennessy Launches 'Unfinished Business' W/ Nas To Help Minority Businesses

Hennessy has announced an additional 1 Million Dollar investment into its Unfinished Business initiative. The initiative was originally started back in June of this year to help out Black, Latinx, and Asian owned small businesses that have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Going into its seconding phase of funding for the program applications were open for the program starting yesterday (Tuesday, November 17th) at https://www.unfinishedbusiness.us/.

As a company Hennessy remains committed to serving the community with brand partners and ambassadors like Nas helping deliver the initiatives message to help small businesses.

"Putting money back into the community is important especially during these times to help small businesses continue to survive," said hip-hop legend Nas. "Pushing forward is hard to do without resources like Unfinished Business, which is why I'm proud to contribute where I can to ensure small businesses continue to flourish."

You can apply for the initiative here