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Joe Biden Addresses The Rumors Of An African American Woman Running Mate

This morning Charlamagne Tha God sat down with Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden to talk about a few things including his plan for African American communities in America, if he will be choosing a black female running mate + more!

Opening up the conversation Charlamagne made it very clear that he has been very critical of the politician, but expressed that he wanted to really get to know Joe today to get to the bottom of some of his past issues with him. One thing Charlamagne has been critical about is that it seemed like Biden had been MIA during the pandemic, when asked how he will be able to address this and win a campaign from the house he had this to say:

"I'm following the rules, my governor says he doesn't want us out, I wear a mask, and btw I'm beating them across the board, all the stuff about hurting me is not hurting me I'm ahead in all states in all national polls and the more he talks the better I am".

While talking about polls, Charlamagne brought up the fact that polls can be deceiving as we saw in the 2016 election, however Biden calls 2016 a different ballgame than now and expresses that 2020 is a different race

"2016 is totally different what you had back then was someone who didn't know it all they wanted to just change the system the way it was, he was the biggest change, he had no serious opposition that turned to materialized, so its totally different"

One of the biggest problems the country is facing currently with the COVID-19 pandemic is that African American and Hispanic communities are some of the hardest hit communities in the country. This is something that Joe Biden is well aware of adding on in his conversation that a lot of the minorities who live in these communities are also essential workers who are going out everyday and are at a higher risk to contract the deadly virus.

"We have to address the institutional racism, we've seen it more clearly now, in a black majority county during a pandemic they're six times more likely to die than in a white county, their disproportionally insured, disproportionally make up the essential jobs that they cant do at home, their risking their lives everyday, enough is enough"

One of the most important questions that Charlamagne has for Biden was what is his plan for the various black communities in America along with how does he plan to address marijuana legalization AND the prison system which many believe is corrupt as minor drug offenders spend years in prison for possession.

"The plan I have, the Manifesto for Black America, the portion of it that relates to how we're going to deal with the prison system, no one should be going to jail for drug crime period, particularly marijuana, which makes no sense for people to go to jail and the reason is if anything for those crimes that continue to be scheduled crimes which Marijuana shouldn't be anymore, you shouldn't go to prison, you should go to a mandatory rehabilitation, it costs lest to put people into a drug rehabilitation program, than it does in jail, and a chance, we gotta give people a chance"

It has been reported that the former VP's team is beginning to vet various candidates for the role, with many people online hoping Biden would pick a black woman to run alongside him he did say that he has multiple black woman being looked at for the role along with the rest:

"What I say to them, I am not acknowledging anybody who is being considered, but I guarantee you there are multiple black woman being considered"

Check out the full Interview above!