Souljia Boy Makes His Anticipated Return To The Breakfast Club


Soulja Boy returns to The Breakfast Club a year after his iconic interview with us. Since the interview, Soulja has been much quieter than usual, considering his time in prison changed his perspective on things. Soulja discussed that he has been trying to stay out of trouble, change his mindset, and focus on music and his fans this past year. He shares that his three month stent in jail changed his life forever and "a whole other world" .

Of course we couldn't do this interview without mentioning *clears throat*, "DRAAAAKEE!?!?!?!??". Matter fact, Soulja said he even heard from Drake following the interview. Soulja even shouted Drake out and showed him some love. On the topic of artists Soulja called out in the interview, he even mentioned Tyga.

Soulja admitted, him and Tyga have gone back and fourth about things in the past, but they are good nonetheless and soulja has no problem reaching out to people to talk things out. Soulja definitely seems like he is in a much better and clearer place.

The full interview with Soulja Boy is on youtube now!