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Kamala Harris Doubles Down On Joe Biden Criticism: It's Revisionist History

Senator Kamala Harris is back on The Breakfast Club to talk about why her particular experience qualifies her to beat Trump in the 2020 presidential election, why we should be afraid of more Russian interference and election tampering and America's current immigration crisis.

The interview kicked off with Senator Harris explaining why her particular experience as a former district attorney puts her in a good spot to go toe-to-toe with our current president:

It's going to be about having somebody on that stage during the general election who will know how to competently prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump. I know how to do that. As far as I'm concerned, he's got a long rap sheet. There's plenty of evidence.
"The way that I talk about it is this: I have the experience going after the big banks who preyed on homeowners. The African American community across this country was devastated by the foreclosure crisis. I took them on and won. I have the experience of going after big oil companies, taking them on and winning when they've been polluting communities and neighborhoods. I have the experience of going after for profit colleges that were preying on our students."
And I know what a predator looks like. We have a predator living in the White House. Donald Trump has predatory instincts and a predatory nature. Here's the thing about predators: by their very nature, they prey on the vulnerable. They prey on those they perceive to be weak. They prey on those who need help and are often desperate for help. I have successfully taken that on my entire career and I can take this one on.

Though President Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other sitting president, Senator Harris breaks down why the Obama administration's immigration policies were superior to the Trump Administrations:

First of all, President Obama understood in a very brilliant and elegant way is that when the President of the United States has a microphone in front of her, it should be used in a way that elevates public discourse. It should be used in a way that treats people with respect and gives them dignity. And lifting people up.
This guy [Trump] is all about thinking that power is about beating people down. He doesn't understand what we know. The real sign of strength of a human being is your ability to lift other people up. So the difference is with tone and perspective on the issue of immigration. I do not question Barack Obama's perspective on this issue. I believe him to be a humanitarian who understands that we obviously need to have border protection, but also that we're a country that will give you refuge if you are fleeing harm. So that's a major difference between President Obama and the current occupant of the White House.
There were also policies under the Obama administration that the Trump administration has ended. That were about allowing the families to go through a process not in a cage, not in private detention facility, and they wouldn't be locked up like they're criminals.

Senator Harris addresses the "real fear" of Russian interference in the 2020 election, saying it may in fact be worse than the 2016 tampering:

As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I will tell you that we should believe exactly what the Intelligence community has told us, which is Russia did interfere in the election of the President of the United States in 2016. In 2020, we all have good reason to know, might be worse than 2016.
Here's the thing about it: It's vicious when you break it down. Russia, long standing adversary of the United States, wants to regain whatever power they once had. They're trying to figure out how they can make us weaker. One of the greatest strengths of who we are is that people respect that we have a democracy. That gives us strength when we're on the world stage. One of the biggest pillars of democracy are free and open elections. So, what does Russia do? They go: let's mess with that.

Senator Harris also doubled down on her criticism of Joe Biden and his take on busing, accusing the former Vice President of creating revisionist history:

We cannot rewrite history on this. That was part of the reason I raised it on that stage. America's history on [the issue of busing] is that there had to be busing because there were people like those segregationists who served in the United States Senate, who served in Congress, who served in state houses, who were using every breath they had to fight against integration of the public schools. Before that they were using every power they had to segregate those schools. So busing had to happen. The fact is that we just have a disagreement, the Vice President and I, on that point, which is that I am absolutely in favor of what had to happen at that time. He and I have a disagreement about that in terms of his believing that was necessary or not.
Fast forward to today: America's schools are as segregated today as they were then for a variety of reasons that are different. Now we don't have people in state houses and legislatures who are pushing for segregation by law and pushing against segregation. But what we do have is a situation where...we started pulling resources out of public education. In almost the majority of states you will find that it's poor children and children of color who are in a situation where their schools, their teachers, their administrations are not being given the resources to adequately education our children.
Segregationists in the United States Senate stood and lived their careers to segregate the races in public education in the United States. I was one of those many children who was personally impacted by that and I'm not going to let us engage on a debate stage for who's going to be the next President of the United States...I'm not going to allow us to engage in revisionist history. I will tell you also: after I said that, I cannot tell you the number of men and women who have said to me 'I was that girl' or 'I was that boy.' I can't stand on that stage and allow certain conversations to be taking place. Because remember... I didn't bring this conversation up about these segregationists. That had been going on for weeks. I cannot be on that stage and not speak up to make sure we are having a full accounting for American history on these issues.

Watch the full interview with The Breakfast Club for more from Senator Kamala Harris: