Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Discuss Everything Fyre Festival, Growing Up Hip-Hop

Ja Rule & Irv Gotti stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about everything Fyre Festival, "Growing Up Hip-Hop", getting back into music + more!

The two are set to star in the latest season of "Growing Up Hi-Hop", when asked why they decided to appear on the show Irv replied "it's for the kids, its a great angle, you know Mona Scott called me walling, trying to get me on Love & Hip-Hop for years, but this was for the kids", goin on to say "my son JJ wanted this so bad he went and started working out for this". Ja Rule, Irv & DJ Envy then got into it when the discussion about whether or not its more beneficial for their children to go through college OR go into the real world a little earlier.

Eventually the one thing that was on everyones mind finally came up "what the hell happened with the Fyre Festvial". After making headline news back in 2017 and having not one but two documentaries released about the failed festival release on streaming services, Ja Rule was ready to talk about what went down with the event.

First and foremost Ja Rule wanted to make it clear that he still thinks that Fyre Festvial was an amazing idea continuing on to say, "it was f--king done wrong, it was organized bad, the idea was dope, the execution was extremly bad". On whether he saw the documentary or not Ja said he didn't watch it adding on "I lived through it Envy, I don't need to watch it again".

To Ja Rule the biggest problem with the festival was the fact that the tents that were in the drawings weren't the ones that they ended up using. Of course now everyone knows that the tents that were used are FEMA disaster relief tents but according to Ja "what I was told was that emails was sent out to everyone, this isn't fraud, it may have been false advertising, but not fraud, I wanted to do an amazing F--king festival and I believe Billy did to but it just didn't come out of that.

Closing out the Fyre conversation Ja revealed that he does not speak to Billy Mcfarland anymore because he lied to him and got in way over his head.

Check out Irv Gotti & Ja Rule on The Breakfast Club below..

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