Charlamagne & Trevor Noah: Immigration, Politics & U.S. Media Influence

Charlamagne Tha God is hosting a brand new show 'Emerging Hollywood' which features celebrity guests sharing their views on topics including inclusion, racial politics, gender and body positivity. On the first episode of the series Charlamagne sat down with "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah to discuss immigrations, politics and the influence the U.S. media has on it's viewers.

On the topic of immigration Noah references Chris Hemsworth (who is Australian) stating: "When people say immigrant in America, a lot of the times what they're talking about is a person who comes here from Mexico. People don't think of Chris Hemsworth as an immigrant".

In the other chapters of the episode Noah also talks about reparations saying that "People have managed to successfully distill (reparations) into a simple talking point, that makes it feel like it's an us versus them conversation, when in fact, it's not."