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The Breakfast Club

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Juice WRLD Talks Mental Health, Heartbreak, Nicki Minaj, New Music + More

After securing himself the Number one album in the country with "Death Race For Love" Juice WRLD pulled up to the Breakfast Club this morning to talk about the project, touring with Nicki Minaj, mental health plus a whole lot more.

With a lot of his music relating to heartbreak he spoke about how most men are afraid to express how they feel, Juice WRLD didn't even think that people would relate to some of the music he was putting out because of this. Speaking on why he thinks men are more open to expressing their feelings he said "I feel like it's just the evolution of man, I think as we move on in time, technology changes, social media is a thing now and people share their feelings on social media". The "Lucid Dreams" rapper also said he is not afraid to talk to his friends about what he is going through, but at the same time it all depends on what the situation is.

From Sound Cloud to touring with Nicki Minaj the rapper has come a long way, recently signing a deal with Interscope records. Since signing his deal a lot of his people started switching up on him, "everyone was d--k sucking when I got home, Someone who was with me when I got 20K told everyone back home, as soon as I got home my phone blew up, that s--t weird it changes people". While touring with the Queens rapper, there was one or two things that Juice didn't mess with saying "that tour that s--t was one, but the one thing I don' f--k with is the food over there, you think i'm capping, we was Mcdonalds trapping for the longest praying that the big mac would taste like it does back home". He also added on that there were only a few shows on the tour that got cancelled or postponed and that social media was blowing it out of proportion.

Check out Juice WRLD's full Interview below...