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The Breakfast Club

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DeRay Davis Talks Bad Words, Dirty Videos, Guiding Comedic Youth + More

Comedian Deray Davis pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about if it is a tough time for comedians, his Netflix special, Ig comedians, + more! 

Right off the bat, Charlamagne asked Deray if it's currently a tough time for comedian's, his response was "They gone say its a tough time if they ain't got no jokes, but if you're able to adapt to anything you better adapt". He then went on to talk about words that you can't say such as the F word, who may have come up with them & why. Davis then said that he wants to replace those bad words with some new ones that can mean the same thing.

With the #MeeTo movement still so prevalent in the media, The Breakfast Club wanted to know if you could imagine hearing what the men were thinking while it was going on, responding to this Deray said, "there would be no men working in workplaces ever". 

Check out Deray Davis' full Interview with The Breakfast Club above!