Jermaine Dupri & Xscape Talk So So Def Reunion Tour, Reconciliation + More

Jermaine Dupri and Xscape reunite on The Breakfast Club in promotion of the So So Def 25th Anniversary Tour.

- Touring together

- Kandi not wanting to record an album 

- Kandi took the longest to come around to being back in the group

- Trust issues

- JD's thoughts on Bow Wow's social media presence 

- So So Def 25 Tour 

- Reconciling and overcoming present disagreements 

- Bigger than bisuness

- Why Xscape was upset with JD

- Going on tour made them closer because they they were sharing rooms, dressing rooms etc. 

- JD is still cool with Janet Jackson 

- Doing music together

- Constantly reinventing

Watch the full interview below: