Chloe & Halle On Working & Getting Signed By Beyoncé, OTRII + Grownish

Chloe & Halle pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning and this is what went down...

  • They wrote and produced the theme song for grownish
  • They write and produce all their songs
  • do y’all come from a musical family
  • started at 5 and 7
  • did your parents think it was a hobby?
  • how did you get signed to Beyoncé ? when did y’all first meet her?
  • Chloe played the younger version of her at 4 years old in the fighting temptations, Beyoncé had no idea she was the same girl
  • is your dad like joe Jackson?
  • both graduated from high school
  • how do y’all have normal lives ? Do you have a license?
  • how did grownish come about ?
  • do you feel like you missed out on normal teenage life ?
  • do boys try to holler at y’all a lot?
  • how much do y’all argue as sisters ?
  • whose the diva of the group?
  • how are y’all from Atlanta and y’all are vegan ? What sparked that ?
  • fake woke hash tagging, expound on that ?
  • how do y’all deal with social media ?
  • Chloe says water praying and meditating
  • what are y’all most passionate about, music or acting?
  • Music, for both. Chloe still loves acting. Both intertwine on grownish
  • who was the biggest shocker to meet ?
  • Halle said mrs Obama and Lenny kravitz. Chloe said mrs Obama and Donald Glover.
  • what kinda ceo is Beyoncé ? Can you call her ?
  • she allows them to shine as individual beings. Not controlling label. Don’t dumb yourself down for the world let the world catch up to you.
  • how did y’all prep for the otr II?
  • has Beyoncé made y’all baby sit yet ?
  • do y’all have the frustrations of dating that the characters from grownish do?
  • will grownish be able to keep y’all?
  • how did y’all pick whether you wanna lean toward the adult side or kid side ?
  • any other ventures that y’all are embarking on?
  • More in fashion, make up etc
  • Talk about the single “happy without me”
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