Sherri Shepherd Talks New Show, Ex-Husbands, Losing Her Virginity + More

Sherri Shepherd gets personal and discusses her experiences growing up Jehovah’s Witness, being sheltered, stepping out on faith, leaving The View to act and her Chicago roots.

Is it weird being a guest on the View

Do you have demands when you’re a guest on the show

Congratulations on new show

How did you get the role on the show

How much was your house

Stepping out on faith

Not trusting God

Doing outside work while on the View

Niecy Nash

Ex-Husband on

Still paying child support

Life Insurance Policy


Not doing drugs

What did your family think about you doing standup

Yvette Wilson

Katt Williams

How did your parents talk to you about sex

Losing her virginity


Jehovah Witness- Sexual Sin, didn’t want her to do comedy

Meeting Janet Jackson

Trial and Error episode 1

New movie

How do you think the movie will be received during this time

Central Park 5

Son touching himself

Son likes white girls

Watch the full interview below: