Florida Man Shoots At His Mother After She Asks For Rent Money

"The Craziest People come from the state of Florida and The Bronx" - Charlamagne Tha God 

A 20-year-old man in Florida and his mother got into an argument after she asked him to pay for gas and rent money. Bisbey Holton, 20, was later arrested on attempted homicide charges after police were called to the house. When the officers arrived Bisbey had already fled the scene of the crime with his mother pointing in the direction he ran in. It was also reported that Holton had gone to the kitchen to grab a knife while they were arguing but decided to grab the gun from his bedroom instead. 

While his mother was on the phone with the police, he tried to run and pack a suitcase to flee the scene but when his mother told him not to take her luggage Holton went on to punch a door and flee from the house. 

He is still in jail and remains on $50,000 bail.

The bright side of this situation: Bisby Holton is now out of his Mothers house.. 

Check out the full DOTD below.. 

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