Amanda Seales On Her 'Smart, Funny & Black' Tour, Hip-Hop & More

Actress-comedian Amanda Seales chopped it up with The Breakfast Club to talk about her 'Smart, Funny & Black' tour.

·        1 year anniversary of Caitlyn Jenner comments

·        Amanda's mom downplaying Amanda's fame

·        Amanda being half funny half intellectual

·        Do agents/people ask Amanda to pull back

·        'Smart, Funny & Black' comedy tour

·        Smart funny black best game show not on TV

·        Do you believe in marriage

·        Tweet about insecure season 3 black male masculinity 

·        Relationship PTSD

·        Making Faithfulness cool

·        Envy tells Amanda come up story when talking to the kids

·        Misperception of Amanda because of her social media rants

·        Kanye West

·        Sitting on Quincy Jones lap

·        Will you listen to nas album

·        Impossible not to be hypocrite while being a hip-hop head

Watch the full interview below: