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The Breakfast Club

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Iman Shumpert Talks Drake Rumors, LeBron James, His New Project + More

Sacramento Kings guard, rapper and reality show star Iman Shumpert rolled through The Breakfast Club to promote his new project 'Substance Abuse' and discussed why the title surprisingly has nothing to do with drugs. Iman also talked about his ex teammate, JR Smith and addressed his "interactions" with Drake's alleged baby's mother back in the day. Shumpert then got quite the surprise when wife - "Junie's Mama" - Teyana Taylor casually strolls into the studio to surprise him. 

The pair talk about cheating rumors and how they handle questionable social media DM behavior. Teyana also made it clear why everyone can be sure that Iman behaves himself in their marriage. Iman played his new single "Critical" and BC followers got hype on Twitter. 

Full interview show notes:                                                                                

·        Being butt naked in the 'Fade' video 

·        Teyana Taylor surprise visit

·        The couple responding to rumors

·        Teyana should have saved him during his 2011 drama

·        Situations like Tristan Thompson scare you

·        Has Teyana ever hit Iman?

·        Ex-teammate JR Smith and the criticism about him

·        Reposting his Memes

·        Were you surprised that you were traded

·        Kanye's antics happening/ fear that it might affect Teyana’s album roll out

·        Iman's new music

·        CTG’s criticism of Iman’s raps

·        Envy’s story about autograph

·        The reality show 'Teyana & Iman' on VH1

·        Worrying about the reality show divorce curse

·        Does Iman have a secret phone?

·        Teyana getting compliments from teammates on IG

·        Addressing the beef with Charlamagne and Envy 

Watch the full interview below: