Jenifer Lewis Talks Self Awareness, Mental Illness, Sex Addiction + More

Jenifer Lewis talks about her new memoir 'The Mother of Black Hollywoodand putting her truth on paper for the world to read, mental illness and her bipolar disorder, sex addiction, the depression in this country and much more.

- Almost retiring before getting on Blackish

- All players should kneel

- Conversation with Baron Davis

- What made you write this book

- Bi-polar disorder

- The Dick Diva

- Never married but been engaged 4 times

- Did anyone suspect you were suffering from mental illness back then

- Who had your back?

- Mother of Black Hollywood

- Kanye West comments

- Donald Trump has mental illness

- Do you think Black people talk too much in public

- Self-awareness

- Miguel

- Stop beating your kids

- Why did they call you a “killa” in high school

- They called you Majestic

- 48:13 con artist name

- Molested by pastor

- Bill Cosby

Watch the full interview below: