Azealia Banks Drags Cardi B, RZA In Breakfast Club Therapy Session

Azealia Banks opens up about life and music in an hour long Breakfast Club therapy session.

- Being a nerd in the industry 

- Listening to music 

- Listening to Janelle Monae

- People getting attached to her opinions 

- Bleaching skin 

- Cardi B comments 

- Kanye conversation

- Her love for Trump

- Not liking Hilary Clinton

- Black woman vs white woman

- What happened in Tel Aviv

- Is there anyplace u felt no racism at all

- Making music for gays

- RZA beef

- Russell Crowe situation

- Not having the money to sue

- RZA is a clown

- RZA is not a talented director 

- Getting drugged and raped

- Charlamagne making Lil Mama cry

- Album drop

Watch the full interview below: