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Meek Mill pulled up to The Breakfast Club this morning fresh after being released from prison two weeks ago. Originally Meek was supposed to be serving a 2-4 year sentence for violating his parole in 2017, but after only serving 6 months he was released thanks to The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordering him to be released immediately on an "unsecured bail." Over the course of his time in jail Meek has become a household name and a symbol for criminal justice reform. His sentencing spawned the #FreeMeek movement and reached media outlets across the country sparking a new debate about criminal justice. After getting out Meek has spoken about criminal justice reform and looks to continue the fight to help bring people home as he doesn't want others to go through what he went through.


Coming into the Breakfast Club right of the bat Meek made it clear that he has always been moving with purpose but now its a new kind of purpose "the support I got when I was in prison, I feel like I should be reaching back and giving the same support". He said he was shocked seeing people support him the way they did because he always had fans listening to his music but the #FreeMeek movement was something completely different. Speaking on his new platform he said he never had this type of voice before. 

The main reason why Meek was forced to go back to court was because of the multiple times he violated his probation. One of the instances, when this occurred, was while he was in New York he was booked for popping a wheely on a motorcycle. While this offense turned out to be nothing more than a ticket in New York, back in Pennsylvania court it escalated into a bigger deal. Following that Meek touched upon what went down at an airport in St. Louis, saying he didn't want to incriminate the other man in the situation. 


DJ Envy then talked about Meek Mills conversation with T.I in which the Atlanta rapper told Meek that he should have done the time back then and not taken the 10-year parole. Looking back on it now Meek said that he wished he had because he probably wouldn't be in the situation he is now, but he also wouldn't have the platform he has now to help make a change. At one point in his life, Meek Mill almost had joined T.I's "Hustle Gang" before eventually signing with Rick Ross and "Maybach Music". Speaking on his younger years when he was 21 and coming he knew he had to get out of the situation he was in saying "If I didn't make a move I probably would have died or gone to jail for a very long time."

Charlemagne brought up the fact that Meek Mill was wildin before he went to prison specifically citing the situation where Meeks crew was involved in an incident with his then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj's Ex, rapper Safaree. Meek wanted to make it very clear that he had nothing to do with that or ever laid a hand on the New York rapper "That ain't have nothing to do with me, I was going to the club for DJ Khaled's party". Bringing up after his security situation Meek only highers armed security, with Charlamagne asking if he hires any goons from Philly "I've never got any goons from Philly, If someone got a gun with me they got a firearm permit, they good". Since he brings his family around with him to different cities Meek said he wants to make sure that his security is professional. 

With criminal justice reform being at the forefront of the conversation now Meek is hoping a lot of change will come from it. Currently, change is already happening in Philly as they're was a press conference in which the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper was in attendance, detailing how there are going to be new laws in place in Pennsylvania, as the Governor has submitted changes to 8 laws regarding long-term probation amongst, people with life sentences with evidence pointing to their innocence. 

Speaking on the controversial judge that handled his case in court, Meek Mill revealed that the Female judge actually lives in the same neighborhood as his family members. With Charlamagne joking saying "She got a niece or something you did dirty", Meek denied doing anything to provoke the judge to dislike of him. He continued by saying "I'm too scared to speak on that situation".  There was a story regarding the judge asking the Philly rapper to remake a the Boyz 2 Men “On Bended Knee” and giving her a shoutout in the track, "Who makes stuff up like that" seemingly confirming that this situation did go down. On that situation, Meek also revealed that there was someone else there but "they don't want to get involved" confirming that it was indeed his ex Nicki Minaj with him at the time.

Moving on to music Meek assured fans that he will be getting back in the studio soon, he just been out for two weeks and needed time to get things back in order. Charlamagne then asked "You About to be J Cole" referencing how Cole's raps have a cause to them. Meek responded saying he will be rapping about important things but he's still "Meek Mill". There had been rumors some time ago that he and Wale have had beef despite coming up together, but Meek reassured that their friends stating "Yea Wale he family". After Drake screamed out "Free Meek" at his show fans were wondering whether the two would be good if he got out  "I Think when we see each other we'll have a conversation and get it going". 

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