Famous Dex Addresses Domestic Abuse and Rich The Kid & Lil Uzi Beef

24-year-old Chicago rapper Famous Dex pulled up on The Breakfast Club this morning to talk everything from the video released back in 2016 of him hitting his at the time girlfriend to Rich The Kid's (who he is signed to) beef with Philadephia rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

Famous Dex opened up the interview saying how humbled he is to be on The Breakfast Club, as DJ Envy told a story of how his son put him on to the rapper. Envy goes on to tell Dex that his son wanted to be a rapper for "a good week" after meeting him. Dex also reveals that has quit certain drugs most specifically lean "it wasn't just tearing me apart, it affected my kids, my family. It's a downer drug you wake up emotional, it's an emotional drug". When asked how he got put on to the drug Dex says it was because of his time in L.A and it was everywhere.

Moving on Angela Yee pressed Dex, citing that she had some problems with him coming on to The Breakfast Club because of the footage that came out a few years ago of him chasing his girlfriend at the time and hitting her. Dex spoke on what he learned "I learned a lot, not just me putting my hands on a female, me losing my mom, me being new to the music stuff, there was a lot of pressure on me". He also stated that he wanted to move on from it saying that after the situation happened that it was a learning experience and no one should ever put their hands on a female. DJ Envy spoke on Angela having a problem with Famous Dex coming up revealing that two out of the three hosts have to approve of the artist before they come on the show. After speaking to some people they decided to have Dex up, his response to all this was: "I just want to be like truly forgiven about the situation". 


Rich The Kid has been in the news quite a bit recently with the release of his debut album "The World Is Yours", but also most recently for his very public beef with his former friend Lil Uzi Vert. Being signed to Rich's label "Rich Forever" puts Famous Dex in a very weird place as he is friends with both Uzi and Kid. When asked about the situation and if he has any involvement he was adamant to make it clear that he has nothing to do with what is going on between the two rappers. Citing that "Uzi put me on to Rich" and "Uzi is my boy, Rich is my brother. I don't got nothing to do with whatever they got going on. When I see Uzi ima give him a hug". Overall he just feels like the situation is crazy and really wants to stay out of it saying that both rappers are family.

 DJ Envy then began to tell the story of how Rich The Kid released Angela Yee's phone number on Instagram because one day when he was coming up she didn't answer his call. After putting her on blast Angela Yee said "I wanted to kill him for that", saying that as soon as he put her on blast she tried to call him but wouldn't pick up. 

Check Out Famous Dex's full Interview With The Breakfast Club below....

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