Allen Maldonado On The Last OG, His New Short Film App + More

 Actor, writer, and entrepreneur Allen Maldonado drops by The Breakfast Club to promote his role on "The Last OG", working alongside Tracy Morgan, showcasing short films through his new app and more.

"The Last OG" is set to premiere on TBS tonight (April 3rd) at 10:30 PM EST. The show which was created by John Carcieri and "Get Out" Oscar winner Jodan Peele stars comedy superstars Tracy Morgan, Cedric The Entertainer, Tiffany Haddish, and Allen Maldanado. In the show Morgan playing a fresh out of jail ex-con who moved back to his old neighborhood in Brooklyn NY. He soon finds out that his hood has been gentrified as most of Brooklyn is now and he must learn how to cope with this. Allen Maldonado who plays Cousin Bobby says during his interview with The Breakfast Club that he plays a major roll in bringing Morgans character up to date with the times, citing that he is the "bridge between his past and future, bringing him up to date with society". Opening up about Tracy Morgan he also said: "it's the perfect comeback story for Tracy as it's his story". 



He also talks about the app he has been working on called "Everybody Digital", which he says is basically just a shorter version of what Netflix does. On the app creators of short films can submit their projects and possibly get the chance to have them featured on the app. He also speaks on how after film festivals are over short films don't really gain much traction after that which he hopes to change through "Everybody Digital". He also "looks to bridge the gap between short films and short-form content."

Maldonado also goes in talking about all the previous works he has been apart of ranging from "Black-Ish", "The Equalizer", "Straight Outta Compton" and most recently starring and writing for "The Last O.G". 

Check out his full interview with The Breakfast Club below and make sure to catch "The Last O.G" on TBS! 

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