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Teyana Taylor On The Breakfast Club: 10 Things We Learned

Teyana Taylor Breakfast Club Interview

Teyana Taylor stopped by The Breakfast Club on the heels of the opening of her new nail salon in Harlem named after her daughter Junie B nail to talk about upcoming VH1 reality show with her husband Sacramento Kings player Iman Shumpert, why her new album has taken so long to come out and Kanye's involvement in the project. Throughout her candid interview, Teyana gave all the details about giving birth to her daughter at home, how she and Iman have lasted so long together and how they maintain trust, and her reaction to meeting Janet Jackson. This is what we learned about Teyana in the interview with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne

1. Kanye West Produced All of Her New Album 

Teyana revealed that the reason her album has been held back from its release date is that super-producer Kanye West is handling all the production. Charlamagne spilled the beans that Teyana wanted to leak a track. We can't wait to hear this one. 

2. She's going to "talk about everything" on the new album 

Nothing is off limits when it comes to her new album and Teyana will "talk about everything" on the new project. She'll be talking about being a mom, struggles with her record label and how they dropped the ball on her last album, her relationship with Iman and more. 

3. Teyana eats whatever she wants and never hits the gym. She stays fit with her Fade2Fit dance fitness program. 

Despite her incredible physique, Teyana swears she never hits the gym and eats whatever the hell she wants. She admitted that gyms are intimidating and her Fade2Fit dance fitness program is perfect for anyone who wants to workout at home. 

4. Her mom and manager Nikki Taylor has kept her grounded 

When Charlamagne asked how she has been able to stay sane while growing up in the industry, Teyana gave her mom all the credit. "A lot of people have tried to bring her down, especially her being my manager," she said. "She always stood strong, she was my comfort zone." 

5. Her husband Iman Shumpert will not be on her new album

Iman has been trying to cross over into the rap game for a while now but he won't be making an appearance on Teyana's new record. He's focusing on basketball and healing from an injury. 

6. Her VH1 show, Teyana & Iman, will show fans everything they wanted to see

The couple will pull the curtain back and show fans everything about their personal lives on their VH1 show. It will show the highs and lows of their careers and how they balance their work with raising Baby Junie. 

7. She gave birth to Baby Junie at home 

Teyana's water broke while she was at home and she assumed she just had to go to the bathroom. “When Junie actually came out, I was so in shock," she said. "I just knew a pair of shoulders was about to come out of my vagina, I didn’t know what to do.” She had planned to have an epidural in the hospital but she gave birth a month early.  

8. She told Iman she was pregnant while he was on the toilet

Teyana revealed that she gave the big news to her husband while he was on the toilet. Even though he was ecstatic, he asked: “you really gotta do it while I was on the toilet?” She also talked about how being around your loved one while on the toilet is the sign of a great relationship.  

9. She trusts Iman 100%

Even though plenty of women are throwing themselves at Iman, she trusts her husband completely. The secret is to just be confident and not let other people's rumors or gossip get to her.  

10. She cried when she met Janet Jackson 

Teyana could not keep it together when she met one of her biggest role models, Janet Jackson. “It was such an amazing experience,” she said about being starstruck when meeting one of her biggest inspirations. “I was asking the dumbest s**t ever,” she added.

Watch the full interview below: