Kareem 'Biggs' Burke On Early Days Of Rocafella, Mase vs. Cam'ron + More

The Rocafella OG stops by The Breakfast Club with fresh kicks and old stories.

- Air Force 1's 

- Pop Up shop

- Explain to the people who you are

- Signing Kanye West

- Going to jail

- How did you get arrested

- Mase vs. Cam'ron

- What’s kept the Rocafella core together

- Relationship with Dame Dash

- “Dame is a genius”

- How did you know Jay was a great artist

- How did you and Jay start working together after you got out of jail

- How do you use the roc logo after you sold it

- #redo96

- Being the vocal piece of the Roc

- Armendale Liquor

- Being in the background

- Only 200 jackets were made

- What makes the Rocafella lifestyle timeless

- One mistake that you guys made

- Would you ever write a book

- Did all 3 of you had to agree when signing an artist

Watch the full interview below.