Alison Hinds On Soca's Influence On Mainstream Music, Collabs, New Music

History was made on The Breakfast Club this morning! The first Soca artist to ever join us on the show, Alison Hinds is in the building. The Soca Queen stopped by to talk about the influences of Soca music on Mainstream music, her upcoming music + more!

While joining us on the show today Alison gave our good old Uncle Charlamagne a lesson in Soca music. While not knowing all the artists themselves she broke down to everyone who they should be in tune with when it comes to the genre.

"I think to a point but there is still a lot more that needs to happen, some Soca artists you should be listening to are Machel Montano, Kes he's more of a fusion in the sense of yes he does Soca but he has an amazing voice he has more of an R&B and Pop vibe, and his music has that kind of energy to so he's a fusion. I would say on the female tip would be Patrice Roberts who was in Machel's band at one point, she has really made a good space for herself."

Soca music has had a few big records pop off over the past couple of years and while the genre itself is huge sometimes it doesn't get the push it deserves. Speaking to that Alison explained why she feels like there sometimes isn't a big enough push behind Soca music, as well as what the artists deal with because many of them are independent.

"I really think in terms of distribution even though you have streaming platforms you need that budget to get the music out there, you need to be able to do all the interviews, in Soca there's no label that just pushes Soca music in general, so each artist is independent basically, so whatever endorsement or sponsorships you have you can do, but not every artist can do"

Check out the full interview above!