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BC Faves #2: Nicki Minaj Is Over It!

This was the last BC sighting of Nicki Minaj (besides Rumor Reports and Donkey of the Days).

It's also one of the most painfully awkward interviews to date. Nicki was clearly bothered throughout the entire sit down. Not only because Charlamagne tha God got her the wrong type of bacon, but nobody's playing her music. Well, at least not the songs she wants played. While everyone was happy to give her song with Lil Wayne "High School" some spins, it wasn't enough for the Queen. She insinuates it's mainly because there's a hotter feature on it.

"That's what I don't like about y'all New York people. Y'all D-ride stuff that only got a big name on it...Like stop. Y'all need to stop trying to break records and start listening to people's music."
You guys clearly do not support me. Neither does [DJ] Clue."
"I don't understand why I come on the radio and y'all don't even have my songs ready to be played."

She also became visibly irritated with questions about her past work that Minaj believes they should have already known. Compared to her UK interviews, it seems like they do it better overseas by asking questions of substance rather than harping on gossip and jokes.

After threatening to leave following a DJ Envy joke (which we're still not sure if it was a joke), Nicki took a moment to directly lay into Angela Yee. Apparently she's changed since joining the show. It also didn't help that she only sampled Nick's then-new perfume instead of actually buying

"I love you, Ange too. Because you know me and you have always had the best interviews. I don't know what's happening now that you with these boys but when you and I used to do interviews on your other show, you knew everything."