BC Faves #1: Ray J's First Call To The Breakfast Club

Ray J was tired of being "humble," "low key" and made that very clear during this infamous call-in attacking Fabolous.

What started off being live quickly went off radio waves once Ray started going in on the New York rapper. The beef started off when Fab made a joke on Twitter about the singer performing his hit song "One Wish" in Floyd Mayweather's living room. Even though there was no harm intended, all hell broke loose once the comment began to circulate.

The two eventually had an alleged face-to-face altercation at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas that resulted in Ray getting kicked out and placed in handcuffs. A slap, head butt, and punch later you would've thought that was enough to finally let the animosity go. Nope.

Ray J kept that same energy when he called the team to tell his side of what happened while calling Fab a "broke ass n****" who had to borrow his car for a video shoot in LA. The self-made business mogul led into:

"If you got Fab number, tell him to send a picture of his face right now...I'm not playin games with these b**** ass n*****"
"I swear to God he runnin from me right now! I had a hundred fools outside will move right now, he never left the club! He scared up in there he tried to call the police!"

"Man, get Fab on the line! I'll smack the s*** out that n****!"

And a whole lot more we can't say. BUT you can listen to the entire rant above!