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Chelsea Handler Confirms 50 Cent Is A Joe Biden Supporter

We were all questioning 50 Cent's mainframe when he posted about voting for Trump because Joe Biden's tax increases went against his personal/business agenda. While some probably knew better than to question the mogul, Chelsea Handler couldn't stand by and watch him make a mockery of the election.

The comedian recently hit headlines after calling out her ex-boyfriend by feeling like she had to "remind him that he's a black man" (a comment she wishes she could take back). Now, she's made an appearance on the Breakfast Club to clarify her intentions and share on the personal conversation she had with Fif about where his support really lies.

"I did want to talk to him as an ex-boyfriend, as somebody I've had a relationship with, how could you possibly support this person? This white supremacist who's in office. Whether you're black or white, it should be a problem for you. So I asked him and he was like, 'No, I was just screwing around-.' He's like, 'The taxes are a pain in the ass...'"

After helping him acknowledge how influential his words are as such a notable figure, Handler had to assure if he's a Biden-supporter, to where 50 Cent admitted, "Absolutely."

Happy to know the vote is going in the right place AND Chelsea might just take that "second spin" with him after all.