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Killer Mike Breaks Down Why We Should Bank Black With Greenwood

Good ol' Killer Mike dropped in to drop financial gems in our laps. Primarily highlighting the importance of supporting black banks, like Greenwood

Starting from childhood with an account his grandparents opened for him, the Atlanta-born rapper/community leader continued the tradition with a more modern approach: online banking. Get car and home loans from the comfort of your home while knowing you're "putting money into things that will help grow us."

"Capitalism- having more competition creates a better place for customers...The more competition we have that helps us or people that look like us, the better the whole market is gonna get."
"No matter what color you are, you should be banking Greenwood. In particular, I would say black people and Latinx community need a banking institution that understands their unique concerns."

Get more information on banking with Greenwood here.