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Phylicia Rashad Talks Similar World She Shared With 'Clair Huxtable'

Quarantining wasn't going to stop us from talking with Phylicia Rashad. The Queen hopped on Zoom to chat about her lockdown activities, previous roles, and more.

Speaking of previous roles, it was impossible not to acknowledge her iconic "Clair Huxtable" character. Being the face of TV motherhood created a pedestal for the real world. Fans of her role often complimented how loving and nurturing "Clair" was and assumed Phylicia was the perfect mother too. However, she humbly recognized that was not the case.

"People say, 'Oh, oh! You're just the perfect mother!' And I look at them and smile and say, 'Thank you.' But you know it's easy when you're scripted and the children are scripted too. In real life, there are no scripts and there's no handbook. It's really something, it's really something as a parent to come to that place where you understand, 'Yes I'm the parent but, hey, I don't know everything,' and, 'Hey, that is a mind and a human being and a spirit and soul in development.'"

It was also impossible for her to get lost in such a magnetic character. Mainly because much of "Mrs. Huxtable" was Ms. Rashad's real life. What kept her even more enthralled was bring her daughter, Condola Rashad, to set with her as a nursing mother at the time. Fulfilling her home duties regardless of her celebrity was the highest priority.

Of course we received a brief black history lesson while reminiscing on her HBCU days at the esteemed Howard University. Phylicia admitted there was nowhere she'd rather attend for college other than a historically black institute. But it was was her father who already had her path set on Howard.

Subconsciously similar to her father's guidance, Phylicia's work in theater made an active impact on Condola's career path, who's reading ability was helped through running lines with her mother.

Another point of her memories at Howard was her mentorship of the late Chadwick Boseman. The alumna described him as "one of the kindest and bravest people" she'd ever known.

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