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Chris Rock On Jimmy Fallon: 'Everybody Is Allowed To Be Dumb Sometimes'

Chris "The Walking Memorial" Rock (as Charlamagne tha God calls him) joined the Breakfast Club to share on the latest developments of his life.

Though his family has been thriving during this COVID-19 pandemic, this week has been an especially troublesome one with the recent judicial injustice of the Breonna Taylor case. The failure to indict the men responsible for her death was a head-shaking moment for the actor, yet not a shock.

"Everyone in the chain-of-command should've been on trial. Whoever signed the papers that said. 'Okay, go get em,' should be in there too. I'm also just upset that I'm use to this. This is not a surprise...It's like, you know, the sun rises in the east."
"It's sad that we're just here and her name is gonna go on a stack of other names. And there's a chance that three months from now, we're so busy with the next one that we forget about Breonna. Not on purpose but the bodies just keep piling up.

On a personal note, Chris' life took an unexpected change of direction when he was diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder. What started out as a friend jokingly saying he may have Aspergers turned into a doctor informing him of the condition very close to it. The comedian explained how it's caused him to take longer to "process" information in the form of social cues. So in lament terms, if you wanted to have sex with Chris Rock, batting your lashes and blowing kisses is NOT going to show him signals that you're about to get it in.

It was a frustrating thing to deal with when he didn't know exactly why his personal relationships suffered in the past. But now that he finally has an answer for his issues, anxiety has diminished greatly.

"Now I know when I feel a certain way I have to stop and before I react I have to say, 'Okay. Is this how I feel or is this my learning disorder acting up?' Before I make any decisions, before I react to anything. I'm way more calm now. I used to have like a squirrel-like energy. You can't sneak up on a squirrel. Squirrels are always like, 'What is going on?' Now, I'm kind of just chilling, man. I'm way more relaxed. I'm way less judgmental."

Learning disorder or not, Chris Rock's career has prospered regardless of any mental setbacks. Perfect example: Landing a starring role on the upcoming season of Fargo.

It's a super big deal to see the Grown Ups talent on our TV screens for the FX series. Fargo is hitting its fourth season of sharing itty bits of shady American history in the unassuming city of Kansas City, Missouri. He acknowledges comedians going through a lot of pain to be able to pull off such serious, intense roles as his playing crime boss "Loy Cannon."

Things topped off with Chris putting a pin in all the hoopla behind the public's outrage about Jimmy Fallon's blackface comedic sketch. He didn't hesitate to defend his friend who's been a respectful ally of the culture for years.

"Your friends should get the benefit of the doubt. What's the point of being a friend if you're gonna judge somebody harshly immediately...Is blackface racist? Yes. But all-things-racist isn't racism. Some of them is just people being dumb and everybody is allowed to be dumb sometimes, or to be ignorant and not know."

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