Charlamagne Tha God To Host Weekly Talk Show On Comedy Central!

Big congratulations to our own Charlamagne Tha God who has been tapped to host a weekly half-hour series on Comedy Central that will focus on “current events and cultural issues.". While the series doesn't have a premiere date it is reported by Vulture that the goal is to start production in time for the presidential election this year.

Speaking with Vulture Charlamagne didn't get too into what the show is about but expressed his love for John Oliver and Bill Mahers shows and wanting to do something that can help move the culture in a positive forward direction.

“I love John Oliver every week, I love Bill Maher every week, There’s something to be said about sitting back and being able to observe everything that happened in a week, and then come in say, ‘You know what? This is what I want to touch on. But I’m not going to be on here trying to rehash the whole week. Like, no. That’s not what I’m here for. I want to talk about the things that can actually impact somebody’s life, in a real way, the things that can actually help move the culture forward.”

Congrats Charla!

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