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Irv Gotti Details Murder Inc. Rebirth & New Warner Bros. Project

Fresh on the 50-year-old bus, Irv Gotti joined the Breakfast Club to talk about new ventures.

Taking a break from music and focusing on TV, doesn't mean his love for it has left his heart. Irv admitted that his own hiatus made him realized in order to get back in the game, he needed a young talented rapper to work with to "take over the world."

"These new young generational artists...they're not checking for nothing except them. I don't know no old rapper who the young generation really love. And it's really a cultural divide when it comes to new and old. Like the older guys, they don't really like the younger guys. The younger guys don't really like the older guys. So I wanted a young dude cause I could get the old generation to mess with him because the older generation, they respect more talent. Where the younger generation you gotta go Tik Tok."

With an appreciation for today's talent like Roddy Rich and Travis Scott, Gotti's set in recognizing himself as a different type of old head. One who embraces the challenges the new generation has posed against the typical styles of generations before. However, one thing he's not fan of is their blatant disrespect towards those who came before them.

His Gary, Indiana bred artist will be a part of the OG's Murder Inc. roster that he plans to re-launch in just as great of a capacity as he did with Ja Rule, DMX and Ashanti 20 years ago.

We also got an exclusive announcement that Irv earned himself a signed deal with Warner Bros. The project, named Supreme Team, will be a joint effort with Joker's Todd Phillips as well as Bradley Cooper. Chris Brancato, writer of Narcos, has also hopped on his unstoppable world dominating movement.

Many congrats to Irv Gotti! Check out what he's got in store in the interview above.