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Sherri Shepard Shares Hilarious Views On Dating & Men With Hoopties

Between "supporting ex-husbands" and making sure her agent's phone stays busy, Sherri Shepard has a lot on her plate. But that didn't stop her from going on the Breakfast Club to talk about her life. More specifically, her dating life.

The gorgeous actress/comedian shined bright amidst the Corona madness during her chat with the crew. After sharing details about her brief role on Friends and wanting to see more black talent behind the scenes, things took a hilarious pivot when they dove into her personal life. Sherri admitted she's not ashamed to hop on dating sites to find a man, thanks to the great advice of Loni Love who's been with her Bumble boo for two years. In fact, she just got done with a social distance date not too long ago!

"I haven't given up hope on love, but what's hard is when you just sit in your SUV and they sit in their SUV and you're sitting in the Macy's parking lot, and you're talking to each other through the window. At some point, I got lipstick on my lips for a reason! When are we gon' use my lips?!"

A benefit from social distance dates, however, is seeing what kind of ride he's sporting. And when it came on to keeping it all the way real, Sherri did just that! She went on to explain her intolerance for a man with a hooptie because it represents his financial status.

"You can hooptie on outta here...Here's the problem, there's just I'm going to want to do and if you're driving a hooptie, we're not gonna be able to do it together...Kevin Hart had a birthday party a number of years ago and you had to fly over there. The hotel that they gave you was a 5-star hotel. Now, if you're driving a hooptie, chances are if I go 'Bae, I want you to go to Kevin Hart's party over in Belize. We gotta get this 5-star hotel,' you not gon' be able to go. So who's gon' pay?"

She also feels her financial success could lead to insecurities within him as a man.

At the end of the day, it's all about presentation. So fellas, if you're looking Ms. Shepard's way, you better not be driving a 2014 Chevy Tahoe with two holes in the back like Charlamagne! Check out the full interview above.